To describe a system or a passage of events in a system we use Matlab with Simulink.

The purpose can be

- to show a certain, perharps undesired, behaviour in an existing system and to find the cause for that.

- to make the essential design and dimensioning of a new dynamic system


The modeling of the system, and consequently the simulation of the passage of events, will be gradually more and more accurate. This ensures to not put in unnecessary lot of work and time. 


Thanks to our long experience it goes relatively quick to make a first approximative model.


During the process to make the model more accurate with will have dialogue with the customer.

We can develop software for controllers or other algorithms to be used in embedded systems or PLC's

- Pascal

- C and rudimentary C++ 

- IEC 61131-3 or CodeSys, the language for PLC's.


The software development can be a part of the realization of a system that have been modelled and simulated. But we can also act as resource when developing software components that have been specified in any way.

We have good experience of Beckhoff PLC and great experience of distributed control system with high real time performances.